Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Main Man, Dr. Bronner

Right now I only want one man in my life, and that is Dr. Bronner...Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap to be more exact. 

This certified Fair Trade and organic soap does wonders to my makeup brushes! It is so important to cleanse your makeup brushes a few times a month, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. Dirty makeup brushes harbor bacteria that could cause breakouts. I try to do a thorough-cleansing with Dr. Bronner's once a week, at least for my face makeup brushes. If I don't get to it, I use a quick and convenient spray brush cleaner. It's important to only use gentle soaps to clean your makeup brushes! Johnson's Baby Shampoo is another great brush cleanser.

My clean face brushes!

I have the Peppermint Liquid Soap in 4 oz. and it has lasted me about 4 months. A little bit goes a long way and this is the best soap I have ever used on my brushes. It is really noticeable on duo-fiber brushes because after the makeup is washed off, the bristles are white again (or back to their original color). My brushes always look brand new after washing them with Dr. Bronner's. I do plan on getting the Tea Tree Liquid Soap since Tea Tree Oil is better for acne-prone and oily skin types. 

My favorite part about the brand, besides the effective cleansing, is the purity and different formulations. They have 8 different types of the liquid soaps and each is infused with a different oil to cater for different needs. 

Peppermint is their most popular fragrance. It's a therapuetic oil that clears the mind and stimulates energy. 

Eucalyptus opens your pores and clears your sinuses.

Almond is their warm and comforting scent. 

Rose is their romantic and elegant scent. Rose is also meant to be nourishing. 

This is their most gentle and fragrance-free soap suitable for sensitive skin. This would also be a great option to clean your makeup brushes with. 

Orange, lemon and lime awaken the senses and invigorate the body for a refreshing clean. 

My favorite calming scent! Lavender is a relaxing fragrance that calms the nerves and soothes the body. This scent is perfect for before bedtime, or if you just need to lay down and relax. 

Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial that helps heal cuts and various skin conditions, especially for acne and oily skin types.  

There are so many different options for different types of people and skin types. Fun fact? You can use this soap as a toothpaste, dish soap and laundry detergent! Now, I don't know if I'll be using it as toothpaste anytime soon, but I might try it for my laundry and dishes!

To dream the impossible dream! To reach that unreachable star! 'till All-One, All-One we are :: Emanuel Bronner

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