Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recruitment Week: A Makeover for Girl Flirting

Whether you're in a sorority trying to win your rush crush over, or you're a PNM trying to get a bid from your dream house, you don't want to over or under do-it when it comes to your makeup.

That being said, when "girl flirting" for recruitment, you want to get your makeup perfect. Here are 7 makeup musts for recruitment week: 

1. Prime
Depending on how many rounds are in the day, you can be going from house to house with few breaks for up seven hours! You want to properly prime your face to help your foundation last. I like Benefit's The POREfessional.It makes your skin silky smooth for applying any product on top.

2. Use a tinted moisturizer/foundation
No matter how nice your skin is, it really can look better and more even with a little
more coverage. I would go for a lighter coverage foundation, a tinted moisturizer or
a BB Cream. All of these bases provide natural-looking coverage. I've been using L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Foundation. This foundation has very sheer coverage and is build-able to a light-medium coverage. This is perfect for recruitment because it lets your skin underneath show and provides a healthy glow to your skin.

3. Conceal
Of course, you need to conceal any red spots, blemishes and under eye circles. You are probably going to be tired and your eyes will be the first to show it. Go for something with either a peach or salmon tint to hide your dark circles and make you look awake. Trust me, when you're talking for hours, you'll need it. I've been loving Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Radiant to help cover and brighten up my under eye area.

4. Bronzer/Blush
These are the two products I don't think I could live without. Bronzer is my favorite because it makes my skin look more healthy (especially during those pale winter months)! Definitely keep it easy on the bronzer and blush; stay away from bronzer and blush with too much shimmer. I'd use a matte bronzer, such as Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer or NYC Sunny Bronzer.**The NYC bronzer can be a little orange or muddy on lighter skin tones. As for blush, I'd lean towards a matte cool-toned pink for lighter tones, like MAC's Well Dressed. For medium or olive skin tones, I highly recommend MAC's Sunbasque; it is a dark toned peach with a little bit of shimmer and it's my all-time favorite blush. For darker skin tones, a matte red is beautiful, such as MAC's Frankly Scarlet.

Don't be afraid to use a little bit of highlight above your cheekbones as well. This adds dimension to your face and really makes your skin glow. I've been wearing the Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer

5. Eyes
Natural colors that compliment your eye color and skin tone work best. First, I'm a huge fan of really bright inner corner colors; it makes you look more awake and bright-eyed. I love shimmery cream or champagne colors for the inner corner. Stila Kitten is a great inner corner highlight. To keep it natural, I would just do one lid color and make sure it's blended upward toward the crease. Choose a lid color that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. I love matte medium brown shades, like Urban Decay's Tease and Stila's Sandstone for my skin tone (I'm an NW20 at MAC).

For liner, you could either do liquid, gel or a pencil. It's really up to you and depends on your eye shape. I prefer winging out my gel or liquid on my eyes because they are almond shaped; when I wing my liner up and out, it gives my eyes a lift. I usually opt out of bottom lash liner on a daily basis, but if you line your lower lash line, use a light brown color.

Mascara should last you all day. I would use a waterproof or long-lasting formula.
My favorite mascara of the moment is Covergirl Lashblast 24 Hour Mascara in Very Black

6. Don't skimp on your brows!
Even the slightest filling in makes all the difference. If you're afraid to go too bold, you can use a blond or light brown pencil. A little goes a long way with most brow products. My favorite brow product is Benefit's Brow Zings Kit. If you don't feel the need to fill them in, definitely use a clear mascara to keep them in place. Maybelline's Great Lash Clear Mascara is a classic, drugstore product for brows.

After I fill them in, I like to either take my concealer or a matte ivory color and highlight underneath my brow bone to give my brows a more defined, clean look.   

7. Set your makeup!
Probably a holy grail product of mine, Urban Decay's De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray keeps your makeup on all day. Lightly mist a setting spray all over your face and you are recruitment ready! 

My daily routine: get up, be amazing, go back to bed. TSM.

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