Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Best 60 Minutes of My Life

Last week I got a facial (long overdue) at Fire Salon and Spa and WOW was it an experience. 

First of all, I think everyone needs time to themselves every now and then, but being pampered is a luxury that people need when they deserve it. My esthetician, Sarah, was amazing. She focused more on my relaxation, my wants and needs, which is how the ideal esthetician should act. I have had others try to "school" me on skin care and break my buck buying products--that is NOT how I want to spend my 60 minutes during a facial. This experience was a selfish hour that I needed. 

All facials at Fire Salon and Spa start out pretty much the same. They give you time to slip into your robe and get under the sheets. When I got under the sheets, it was warmed up! It felt so nice (especially after a "Wake of Shame" morning). Then, in the dimly lit room, they tell you to take three deep breaths as you inhale the essential oil of your choice. Usually, since I like to get facials at nighttime, I always opt for lavender--it's my go-to. This time, since it was in the morning, I got an uplifting breath of Aveda's Energizing Composition Oil; it smelt like a soft citrus blend. It wasn't what I was used to, but it was perfect for the morning after a night out. 

Then, after taking three deep breaths of the exhilarating scent, the facial began. She cleansed my face with Aveda's Purifying Gel Cleanser and all I can say is, there is no doubt that this cleanser will be replacing the cleansers in my bathroom vanity. I love when I can feel a cleanser do it's job, without the harshness of most cleansers. This refreshing cleanser left me with a nice, tingly feeling on my skin. 

After cleansing, she used Comfort Zone's Active Pureness Tonic, a new line to me, and I love trying new things. The most intriguing part? It had a thicker consistency than any toner I've tried. I knew right away I was going to fall in love with this line, and I did. 

While the Comfort Zone Chrono Reverser Peel (Delicate) was renewing my skin, she gave me a much-needed foot scrub and foot mask. This treatment was going above and beyond a typical facial. After she removed the peel and applied Comfort Zone's Skin Resonance Mask, she took the composition oil and gave me a thorough arm, hand and foot massage. Getting the arm, hand and foot massage is expected when you get facials at Fire, which is why it is my spa of choice around here. 

To wrap up the session, she used my two favorite products. Aveda's Outer Peace Acne Relief Pad's were used to continuously treat my skin after the peel and mask. To moisturize, she used Aveda's Outer Peace Acne Relief Lotion, which is so unique compared to any other moisturizer for oily/acne-prone IS NOT oil-free. I know, it sound weird, but trust me, it has something going for it. 

I awoke from my facial coma feeling refreshed, renewed and like I never went out the night before! If you want 60, 90 or even 30 minutes of blissful pampering, Fire Salon is a must.  It was an amazing experience that I expect to make time for once a month. 

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  1. This sounds amazing! I love getting facials, and I love Aveda salons. Sounds like I need to book an appointment!

    1. Blair, it WAS amazing! If you do book an appointment, ask for Sarah! xoxo