Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Fake It: I Didn't Go Out Last Night...

Ouch...that's how I'm feeling this morning. 

Your alarm clock goes off and all you're begging for is an extra 15 minutes...okay half hour of shut-eye. Once you get up, the first thing you do is either go to the bathroom or go for the kitchen to eat some carbs and chug water. It's not helping your hangover and it's certainly not helping what you look like.

How do you keep your boss or professors from noticing that you're fighting off getting sick in public? Easy. And I'll tell you. 

Take Care
Chances are you skin is dull and your eyes are puffy. Exfoliate your skin too refresh and brighten your face (I like to use my clarisonic with a gel cleanser). If you're eyes are puffy, cold spoons work magic! If you don't keep your spoons in the freezer (who really does), then green tea works well too. Steep two bags in hot water for five minutes and then let them cool until they are luke warm and safe to put on your eyes. The tea reduces swelling, soothes irritation and constricts blood vessels. Bye-bye puffy eyes! 

Cover Up
You're not cute when you wake up hungover. Be honest with yourself. You need makeup. So, after the regular skin care routine (read my Wake of Shame post for some good skin care info), cover up! You will need a BB Cream or Foundation -- depending on the coverage you wear daily -- to make up for all of the mistakes you made last night. If you want a lighter, more natural coverage, Dior is the BB Cream God. They have three: DiorSnow, HydraLife and Diorskin Nude. Diorskin Nude is their newest and most versatile BB Cream because it comes in five shades. It also is enhanced with mineralized floral water and antioxidants which will provide soothing coverage. But, all of their BB creams are simply amazing. If you need more coverage,  try Urban Decay's Naked Skin. It's a foundation, but has a more sheer coverage that won't make you look cake-y during the daytime. 

Color Correct
Your under eyes are proof that you're running on four, three, zero hours of sleep. Use color corrector to counteract those dark circles of shame. Bobbi Brown is the queen of color correctors. Her Corrector comes in peach or pink-based shades to neutralize dark circles. 

Bronzed & Beautiful 
Or blushed & beautiful...either way, you need some added color to your skin. For bronze, opt for something matte like NYC's Sunny bronzer. You don't need to contour, just sweep the bronzer across your forehead, along your cheeks/cheekbones, on your nose and chin. Choose a natural blush that mimics your natural flush, like a peach or pink. Rimmel's Autumn Catwalk or NARS Gina are great colors. 

Lips Need to Blush too
Healthy lips usually are brighter and pinker. Of course, all lips have their own natural way of "blushing" or giving off signs of healthiness. Luckily, Dior has created a product to force our lips to look healthy, while keeping them...healthy. How many times can I use the word healthy in this blog post? Anyway, Dior's Lip Glow enhances your natural lip color, while moisturizing and protecting with SPF 10. 

Live fast. Die young. Be wild. And have fun :: Lana Del Ray

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