About Me

Hey everyone! I'm a 21-year-old student who wants to become more involved in the beauty industry. I am constantly discovering new steals, luxuries, favorites and looks that I want to share. Here are a few things about me I think you should know: 

1. I like to have fun. All day and everyday I want to do something weird, wild, crazy, ANYTHING! I just get bored really easily, but I'm easily entertained. 

2. I'm pretty much the "Samantha" of the group. I embrace being a proud, fun-loving girl in college. I think that girls are the luckiest because we get to play with everything: hair, makeup, clothes, boys...we have it all! 

3. I love to travel. I aspire to be as lucky as my mom was to travel and live around the world. Well, I mean she was born in Indonesia, so she got a head start on Bali and that whole side of the world, but I want to travel any chance I get. 

4. I have an obsession with Florence, Italy. But actually. I went there in January (2012) and left in May (2012) and I still talk about it. Sometimes I talk about the city as if it were an ex-boyfriend. I'm actually more hung up on leaving Florence than any ex-boyfriend. Well, that's "Samantha" me.

5. I embrace my Italian-Asian culture. I love being half Italian and half Indonesian! What do people ask me the most? "What are you?". Dude, I'm Indonesian. People love it. Always a great ice breaker. 

6. I'm on the dance team at my school. It's a love/hate relationship, but I love performing at football and basketball games! I couldn't tell you a thing about sports though...

On this blog, I will share reviews, tutorials, shopping hauls, some lifestyle updates and anything else I think you guys would find interesting! 

I am a Strategic Communication major with a concentration in Sport and Event Management and honestly have way too many plans and directions I want to go after I graduate.

Love you, mean it. xoxo